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Dorking and District Model Railway Club

Vine Line (00 Gauge Finescale)

The Vine Line is a large U shaped end to end layout based upon a fictitious preserved line somewhere in the south of the UK. The layout was originally conceived as a simple two board country terminus to traverser configuration. However, it was decided to significantly expand this to a 6 board terminus to through station leading to a traverser fiddle yard. At the same time, experience with the trackwork and point control was reviewed with the result that the additional 4 boards did not follow the practices used in the original 2 board set up. 

DCC will control all aspects of the layout using the Digikeijs DR5000 command station which is now being adopted as common solution to most of the Club's layouts. This is linked to twin feedback modules to provide block detection allowing automation of train movements. Hands on control is achieved using Z21 handheld apps for tablets/phones and Freiwald TrainController for the more advanced layout automation although there latter may be replaced with an alternative product, possibly iTrain.

Points are controlled by a mixture of systems. Those on the through station board are servo based using Megapoints boards for their operation. These have not proved to be particularly robust (and may be replaced in due course) so the decision has been taken to operate the rest of the layout using Seep solenoids controlled by DCC Concepts decoders. Trackwork is a mixture of Peco code 75, and handmade points plus track in code 83.

Significant work is still to be undertaken but it is hoped that building of the layout will progress sufficeiently to allow it to be exhibited, albeit unfinished, at our October 2019 show.

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