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Our Railathon had people guessing!

On Saturday 30th August 2013 we held a Railathon: visitors had a glimpse of our layout being made ready for the Exhibition and were asked to estimate the number of times a Javelin trainset went round the layout non-stop in 12 hours.

Aerial view of Javelin trainset -- P8310340
The Javelin barrels through!

Display showing 1591 -- P8310375
The first two digits on the counter were masked off during the Railathon. Here the final number is revealed: 1591.

Alistair picks the number of animals IMG_1972
A competition for the children was ‘How many animals are on the layout?’ Alistair was delighted he’d found the tricky ones – with some helpful hints from Don!

Our local newspaper, the Dorking and Leatherhead Advertiser, that always gives us, and our charity partner, great support ran the following:

Dorking Leatherhead Adv article on Railathon (part) 001_i_p_w

Dorking Leatherhead Adv article on Railathon (part) 002_i_p_w

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