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Dorking and District Model Railway Club



We encourage those considering membership to have a small number of trial visits before deciding on whether to join. Applications for membership of the club shall be subject to approval of the Committee. Once membership has been granted, members will be granted access to the Members area of this website where detailed documentation on Club constitution and other general administrative matters are maintained.


Current membership fees are £150 per annum payable in three equal payments of £50. Members who leave soon after paying the subscription shall be entitled to a refund of a proportion of monies paid on a pro rata basis. Similarly, members joining during the year shall be expected to pay a proportion of the full subscription, both proportions to be decided by the Committee. Membership provides access to the Clubroom on a 24/7 basis. Furthermore, no "per visit" charge is added on top of the annual membership fee allowing you as many visits with no additional charge.



Each member shall be entitled to introduce visitors to the Clubs meetings with the following provisos:

(a) they shall not be introduced more than five times in one year; and
(b) that they have not been expelled from the Club, or refused membership.


Application for Membership

New members are requested to complete the application form below which will provide the Club with the information it needs to be able to approve membership.

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